Group Exercise

The Jerusalem YMCA is known for it’s highly professional and motivating group ex instructors and an expansive range of studio classes to meet anyone’s fitness goals or passions.


Ditch the workout. Join the party!
Zumba combines a variety of dance styles including hip hop, latin, jazz, swing and more offering a fun, invigorating aerobic workout. Zumba is all about the fun, with it’s contagious energy and dance club atmosphere.
ZUMBA EXTREME: Athetic moves like plyometrics and high intensity interval training with a heart thumbing beat and sexy crazy dance moves. In short, dance wild and work hard!.

Cardio Sculpt

enjoying the best of all worlds
The lessons combine cardiovascular endurance with body shaping. Each lesson consists of approximately 40 minutes of intensive aerobic exercise (presented in a particularly high-energy way: dance choreography), followed by another 20 minutes of body shaping and toning exercises.
The classes are suitable for all levels, and everyone can join in and progress at their own pace.

Body Sculpt

getting stronger and feel good
The workouts are based on shaping and toning the whole body, and are designed to strengthen muscle and bone density and improve flexibility. The training includes resistance exercises using various accessories, the use of body weight (at various difficulty levels), stretching and relaxing.

Functional Training

improving daily functioning
Functional training, as its name implies, is designed to improve the participant’s daily functioning, as well as their physical performance during training. Alongside the strengthening of the body, these exercises offer an additional goal: improving the participant’s posture and range of movement.
This effective training is also suitable for all levels, and anyone can join in and progress at their own pace.

Jungle TRX

taking advantage of your own body weight
This method, by which participants hang on rubber bands dangling from the ceiling (called the Jungle Gym or TRX), has taken pride of place in many sports complexes in Israel and around the world. It is a form of physical exercise suitable for anyone at any age, as it uses the gravity and body weight of the participant. The purpose of the training is to tone the body and improve posture, as well as to strengthen the core muscles.

Bone Strengthening

contributing to bone health
These classes include exercises designed to improve balance and coordination and to increase the participants’ strength. This serves to improve their ability to function and act independently and enhances their quality of life. The classes are suitable for people with osteoporosis, or those at risk for osteoporosis.


for action enthusiasts
The kickboxing lessons are based on movements and styles from the world of boxing. This is a fun and intensive aerobic exercise that impacts the participant in a number of ways: it improves his / her cardio-pulmonary endurance, agility and physical strength.
The classes are suitable for all levels, and everyone can join in and progress at their own pace.


invest and see results
The BOOT CAMP classes, whose principles are based on US Army training, offer interval training exercises, cardio training, and high-intensity strength training, which is particularly challenging (even for those with a high level of fitness). The participants in this training method burn fat, strengthen muscles and get in shape.


pedal and burn calories
Spinning provides energetic and dynamic cardiovascular endurance training delivered on special Precor stationary bicycles. It is a shock-free workout with rhythmic music, suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced athletes. The lessons include pedaling at different speeds, and they are also suitable for those who do not know how to ride a bike.

Integral Yoga

taking care of body and soul
These classes, suitable for all ages, include a wide range of exercises: deep relaxation, strengthening of the nervous system, breathing exercises, muscle strengthening, posture, flexibility, classic yoga poses, focus on the feet, and mental and physical balance.


leaving the workout relaxed
This discipline combines four main components: breathing exercises, yoga poses, meditation and texts accompanying the practice. The technique leads to improved posture, breathing and flexibility, in addition, of course, it contributes to the participants’ sense of peace.

Soft Motion – “Moving Yoga”

soft, pleasant and relaxed
Soft movement classes are classes that begin with a gentle and gradual warm up, and then combine yoga and movement exercises. All the movements and poses are accompanied by breathing exercises, and during the lesson, relaxing music is played that matches the nature of the exercises.


for a healthier and stronger body
This famous, popular exercise method focuses on strengthening the core back and abdominal muscles, as well as on correct movement. The goal of the method is to improve posture, strengthen the body, improve flexibility and reduce the extent of injuries caused by wear on the body.

Pilates and Movement

get stronger with less effort
Pilates and Movement classes are based on the Pilates method, and they are also designed to improve posture and movement. They differ from traditional Pilates training in that these classes are conducted at a slower pace and offer exercises at a lower level of difficulty.

Shaping and Rolling

for when the body needs treatment
Treatment technique that receives the recommendations of sports and rehabilitation experts, coaches and elite athletes. Massage balls and hard rollers are used for self-massage to improve the participants’ flexibility, enhance their range of movement and contribute to the rapid and effective recovery in cases of injury. Emphasis is also placed on self-healing massage, an efficient and convenient way to relieve the body in the event of muscle injury or tension. Participants perform TRX exercises to improve posture and enhance joint mobility.


the results speak for themselves
Feldenkrais, a method based on the principles of anatomy and physiology, is designed to improve the participants’ functional ability and improve their posture and movement. The method offers gentle, simple, unstressed movements in order to ‘re-educate’ the nervous system. The method is suitable for all ages, and it helps not only improve abilities, but also overcome disabilities and difficulties.

Posture and Balance

healthy and varied
This is an exercise method that incorporates a wide variety of techniques such as body shaping, pilates and ballet. The flowing movement that characterizes this method – by utilizing the body’s natural weight and without external accessories – improves the balance. It also develops coordination, increases flexibility, strengthens the body and increases its range of motion.

Water Exercise

effective, healthy and refreshing
The water exercise classes are suitable for all ages and levels and allow everyone to exercise at their own pace and according to their abilities. The water workout includes the use of floating aids in a variety of sizes and resistance levels, and it allows the participants to exert a great deal of effort without straining the joints. The natural resistance of the water strengthens the body, develops muscles and improves posture.

Fitness for Men

or sociable fitness enthusiasts
These classes are designed for men and their purpose is to strengthen the muscles and improve posture and flexibility. The lessons are delivered in a pleasant atmosphere, and alongside the improvement in physical fitness they create a social experience, providing real recreation for the participants.

Ballet Bar

long, shapely muscles
These classes are based on three different techniques: Pilates, Yoga and Ballet. This method is reminiscent of the training that dancers undergo, and therefore, unlike “regular” strength training, it contributes to the extension and contraction of muscles, and in fact improves not only the participants’ aesthetics, but also their physical functioning. The method also focuses on improving the movements and correct posture of the entire body, from head to toe.


the art of circular motion
GyroKinesis is a holistic training method that combines several different disciplines: yoga, Tai Chi, dance and swimming. This method strengthens the body inside and out, training it to produce movements without effort. It combines a circular and flowing movement and adjusts the breathing to match movement and posture.

Dance Pilates

for the body and soul of those in their golden years
Dance Pilates lessons combine many styles of dance along with Pilates exercises. The classes are designed for senior citizens, and their goal is to strengthen the muscles, increase the range of movement and flexibility of the participants and improve their posture.